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24h open for groups and events by appointment!

Experience with your team a challenging race-competition with fun and action in a relaxing environment.
You can choose from different race formats with training, qualification and finals (depending on the number of people with a bronze-, silver and gold-final).
We offer over 200 Cars from Formula 1, DTM, GT2, GT4 and LMS such as Porsche, Mercedes AMG, BMW, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc. More than 100 tracks are available and the motorsports-world wide open for events full of action.

Price-guide and duration

Fun 6
Fun 12
Fun 18
Fun 24
Entry fee
CHF 779.-
CHF 1'229.-
CHF 1'499.-
CHF 1'829.-
Number of persons
6 (min. 4)
12 (min. 7)
18 (min. 13)
24 (min. 19)
Ideal duration
Each additional 1/2h
+ CHF 200.-
+ CHF 225.-
+ CHF 250.-
+ CHF 275.-
Persons +/-
+/- CHF 79.-
+/- CHF 60.-
+/- CHF 50.-
+/- CHF 45.-
All events are accompanied professionally, driving times are evaluated and the race can be shown real-time on Instagram. We are happy to make you an individual offer for a team event, motivational event, bachelor party, Birthday party, customer event or an anniversary celebration.

The Lounge as a meeting place:

We offer a professional meeting room for presentations, and meetings. We can organize a meet and greet with Swiss motorsports professionals.

Additional Options:

  • Individual branding in the simulation (Car, advertisement along the track)
  • Cup, winner-prices, certificates
  • Vouchers for training and instruction upfront
  • Pit stop: drinks and snacks according to separate pricelist
  • Reception or prosecco-winner celebration
  • Catering on demand finger food, pizza, sandwiches)
  • Introduction to motorsport specific training methods
  • Individual coaching
Mazda MX5 Poleposition
Audi RS3

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Opening Hours

For Groups and Events anytime on request!
Monday                      on request
Thursday                    16:00-20:00
Friday                          16:00-21:00
Saturday                    10:00-21:00
Sunday                       10:00-19:00