Fun for Teens

For Youngsters starting with approx. 13 years (or 150cnm heights), Simracing is a way to start into motorsport with no risk and still highly competitive. It is much more than gaming! Motorsport becomes real with our high-quality Simulators. Anytime Youngsters can book through the booking tool for individual Simracing.
For teen-events we offer
  • Birthday parties for Teens
  • For groups with 4 or more racers, we open on wednesday afternoon
  • Summer-Camp (13-18-years old)
Please get in touch by phone, whatsapp or email.

We’d also like to invite mothers to visit us and get your own impressions about this sport. Bring your daughters and son along. Fathers are of course welcomes as well!

Birthday Party Teens

Experience Motorsport
In our Sim-Lounge we can organize an event with instruction and training and a proper race with qualifying and race. The feeling is very similar to a racecar, the challenge to get clean fast rounds in qualifying and to have a competitive start and pace during the race as well.

The Birthday child chooses the track and the car, based on the format, every quest can even choose the own car.

The lounge offers drinks, hotdog and snacks or pizza. You can bring your own birthday cake or order one with us.

You will need at least 90 Minutes, however ideally you bring 3 hours of time with you. Bring at least 4 Teems and a maximum of 18.

Professional e-Sports Simulators, made in Switzerland
Kid Racing Simulator
Teen Racing Simulator

Prices and discounts

1x 30min (single driver)
CHF 45.-
2x 30min or more
CHF 40.50
"10er Abo": for groups, 10x 30min
CHF 360.-
499.- for 1 year
50% discount on all individual bookings *
CHF 1'300.-
CHF 2'499.-
* except Coaching and all Race-Events. Sprint- and Endurance-Races 20% off