PolePositionLounge warmly welcomes women!

Driving a simulator does not need power nor a specific height but focus and concentration. In a group you can experience the sim-racing together, more or less competitive, as you wish. For group of 4 to 24 people we design an individual program, or you just choose a thirty minutes fun drive.

Our bistro offers drinks and snacks, on demand we organize catering.
The lounge can be reserved for women only!

The lounge as a Meeting Place:
We offer a room for meetings and presentations. We can also organize a motivational talk and discussion round with women in motorsport.
Advancement of Women from another perspective: move your boundaries
The co-founder of the PolePositionLounge, Patricia Kellerhals, supports women since many years as a business leader. She wants to enlarge that engagement to women in motorsport, while at the same time showing women of all ages how to engage successfully. An important aspect in getting heard and having a place on the front row (or on pole) is overcoming your own boundaries and barriers.
  • Explore your boundaries in the sim, take a risk and overcome insecurities
  • In exchange with successful women in motorsport learn how they overcome hurdles in men dominated environment
  • Networking between women in leadership positions and in motorsport
  • Exchanges experiences f
  • Active advancement of women in the Sim- and motorsport (coaching, training opportunities)
  • Support the first women only sim racing team: Speed Curves
Speed Curves - Frauen Sim Racing Team
Speed Curves: the first female only sim racing team:
Under the lead of Jasmin Preisig, a successful Siwss Race Driver, several women have started to train in the PolePositionLounge. As we have quite a lot of interested women, we will start an internal qualification in order to define the starting places for this year’s Sim Racing Series.
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Price-guide and discounts

1x 30min (single driver)
CHF 45.-
2x 30min or more
CHF 40.50
"10er Abo": can be used for groups, 10x 30min
CHF 360.-
499.- for 1 Year
50% discount on all individual bookings *
CHF 1'300.-
CHF 2'499.-
* except Coaching and all Race-Events. Sprint- and Endurance-Races 20% off

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