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Fun, Competition, Events:

In our Lounge you can test and improve your racing capabilities on technically sophisticated Race-Simulators. You can race against others, compete or just train. Professional coaches can help you to improve your performance.
The Lounge offers a multimedia-experience motorsport-events will be shown on our large screens. The 250m2 lounge allows to chill and discuss or just watch the race. Our bistro offers a range of drinks and snacks, for events we organize a regional catering.

Experience Motorsport:

Drive any car such as Porsche, Mercedes AMG, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin from the well-known race series such as F1, DTM, Porsche Cup, GT3, LMS etc.
In only one minute you sit in your car and you race on your favorite track such as Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Spa, Monza, Barcelona, Monaco, tracks from Australia or the US.

Professional e-Sports Simulators, made in Switzerland 

Feel the speed

Participation in the Swiss Simracing Series is possible in our lounge
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Lenkrad Racing, Sim, Simulator

Preise und Rabatte

1x 30min (Einzelfahrerin)
CHF 45.-
2x 30min oder mehr
CHF 40.50
"10er Abo": für Gruppen, 10x 30min
CHF 360.-
Einmalig 499.- für 1 Jahr
50% Rabatt auf alle Einzelbuchungen *
CHF 1'300.-
CHF 2'499.-
* ausgenommen Coachings und alle Race-Events. Sprint- und Endurance-Rennen 20% Rabatt

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